Wine and Bowl

Woodland Bowl is hosting a Wine and Bowl league! Well, it's not so much a league, more of a program where you get to bowl as you drink wine and taste our food pairings each week!

Wine and Bowl is starting this September 27th on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm. Each team will have four players, you can form your own team, or we can add individuals and pairs into teams of four. Each week is $17 and goes for 10 weeks. That means:

You get 10 bottles of wine for your team,
You get 10 food items specifically paired to your wine of the week,
You get 20 games of bowling!

If you have never joined a league before, then check this one out! We are so excited for any new bowler to join this program because everyone will be whining about how they bowl, while they drink wine! (Get it?)

Sign up by clicking below!