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Welcome to the Royal Pin learn to bowl page! You’ve come to the right place to schedule your bowling lesson with a certified bowling instructor.

Bowling can be an excellent fun and social sport that everyone can enjoy. The secret is to learn how from the beginning by taking a bowling lesson or two. Don’t develop bad habits. These habits can lead to not enjoying bowling because you are not improving and possibly feel soreness in your arm, wrist, or shoulder. This is because you must allow the ball to do the work. You must guide and set the ball on the proper course down the lane to score well.

In order to set the ball on the proper course you must learn the basic four step delivery of the ball in your first bowling lesson. If you are a right hander, step off with the right foot and at the same time pushing in unison with your step. On the second step you allow the ball to start the motion of a pendulum on a clock. The ball comes down being held in the bowlers right hand and moves completely in a swing to the rear on your third step. All the while close to your right side. When the ball reaches the completion of the back swing it begins to move forward, continually in a pendulum motion to the point of release. You do not at any time pull the ball forward. Let the ball come forward freely to the point of release on your fourth step when you place the ball in your hand placing your inner two fingers and the thumb in the ball. Position your hand like you are shaking hands or carrying a suitcase. The thumb should be pointing to 10:00 o’clock. At the point of release you do not throw the ball down the lane. You roll it. If the ball was square you would throw it.

 Everyone right from the beginning wants to roll strikes, but you must first work on how you get to that point by taking a bowling lesson or two. The bowling center has rental shoes and house balls for use. It is OK to start bowling with their equipment, but you will find out later that you might want to have your own personal equipment because different bowling balls react differently on the lanes according to how you’re throwing it and lane conditions. Example: If you throw a straight ball there are balls that are better suited for those that throw that way and the same goes for those who curve the ball. Some pro bowlers have three or more balls that they bowl with and take to tournaments with them.


– Bronze & Silver Certificate Coach – Team USA

Everyone should learn to bowl because it’s great fun and not dependent on the weather outside! Remember, our coaches are also available for adult bowling lessons by appointment only. Join our email fun club to find out when free group lessons are available. You can sign-up using the email link in the right sidebar.

The most inspiring sight in bowling is a true professional performing during the approach.  A proper approach combines agility, speed, form, coordination, timing and accuracy.  All muscles in the body function in unison to send a 16 pound ball on its precise course to the pins.

Bowling Lessons Available by Appointment Only!

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